About fare and tickets

  • Do you have a good deal ticket?
  • How to check children's fare?
  • Can I use Hakone Free Pass?

    Hakone Free Pass is available only for “Hakone Tozan Bus”.
    If you use our company, Izuhakone Bus, please buy “Hakone Bus Free” or “Hakone Tabidasuke Pass”.

About IC Card

  • Can I use PASMO or Suica?

    Yes, you can use it for any route except some areas of Izu.

  • Can I reload my IC Card on the bus?

    Yes, you can.
    Please ask the driver about it when you get on/off the bus.

About route bus

  • How to ride and pay for the bus?

    Please confirm it from the following.

  • Which bus should I take?

    Please confirm your destination and the place for the bus stop from here.

  • Can I get on the bus while a child is on a stroller?

    It depends on the bus type. If the bus has a wide range of aisle like below, it will be fine.
    However, if not, we would appreciate it if you fold the baby stroller. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Can I get on the bus in a wheelchair?

    Yes, you can, but we appreciate it if you would contact us in advance.
    Because of bad road conditions, you may not be able to get on/off the bus in someplace that we can not draw out the slope.
    Also, please note that we do not install the slope for all buses.

  • Can I bring a suitcase?

    Yes, you can bring your luggage within a normal range for free.

  • Can I use the bus with my pets?

    You can use the bus if you put them in their cage.
    We will not accept cases if you have a large dog that can not put in the cage.
    Besides, of course, we welcome the guide dog.

  • Can I bring my bike to the bus?

    Yes, but please fold the bike or put the bike properly in the container and not monopolize the seats.

  • Why is the bus not coming on time?

    Depends on the traffic conditions, we cannot arrive at the bus stop on time.
    We kindly ask for your understanding.

    “Bus Navi” is available for you to check the present location among the area of Odawara City Line and Odawara-Hakone Line.
    Except for these lines, please contact our operating offices.

Time table and fare search

  • Where can I get a time table?

    We distribute at information centers, operating offices, and some of the stations. Also, you would be able to check it from our website.

  • Why can I not open the PDF file?

    To open the PDF file, you need “Adobe Reader” from Adobe Systems Incorporated.
    Please confirm your Adobe reader is updated to the latest version. Also, you have to disable pop-up blocks to open the file.

Inquiries about lost properties

  • I think I left something.

    We keep your items for about a week in our offices.
    If we do not get some contact from passengers, we will hand it over to the police station.
    Please contact us at the phone number of the bus stop.
    If you are unsure which operating office you should call, please
    contact Izuhakone Bus head office (055-977-1212).

Operating office

  • Odawara Operating office

    TEL 0465-34-0333

    Address 465,Kuno, Odawara Shi, Kanagawa Ken,250-0055

    Service aera

  • Mishima Operating office

    TEL 055-977-3874

    Address 300, Daiba, Mishima Shi, Shizuoka Ken, 411-8533

    Service aera